What is Superstar Mode In Bitlife

Do you want to know what superstar mode is in bitlife? It is so simple. In short, the superstar mode is not a game mode; instead, the superstar mode is nothing more than a simple theme. You need to complete certain achievements to get into superstar mode in BitLife.

You need to complete a total of 100 weekly vaulted challenges to get superstar mode in bitlife. Here are some details on how to get the superstar mode in BitLife:

How to get the superstar mode theme in BitLife

If you want to unlock superstar mode, then you need to complete more than 100 weekly challenges to get the Superstar Mode theme. There are no restrictions on the challenges you can complete, so we suggest focusing on the easiest and moving even in difficulty.

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As stated, you can find all the challenges you can complete under the BitLife Challenge menu tab. 

How to equip the Superstar mode theme in BitLife

You can find the Bitlife Challenge menu by opening the Main Menu Options hub at the top left of your screen. After clicking on the main menu button, scroll down until you find the Bitlife Challenge option

Under the Bitlife Challenge, you will find different challenges to complete. We suggest you starting with challenges marked with easy blue tags for the best results of completing a Superstar Mode challenge.

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How to equip the Superstar mode theme in BitLife

One you unlock  the Superstar Mode theme in BitLife, you can equip it by re-opening the main menu options hub. Look for the Themes tab in the main menu. You can equip your newly unlocked Superstar Mode theme by picking it from the Themes menu.

What is Superstar Mode In Bitlife
What is Superstar Mode In Bitlife

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Will BitLife add more themes to the Challenge Vault?

As of now, it’s unclear if Bitlife will get more theme challenges that players can complete. However, we think it’s possible later, based on the structure of the Challenge Vault. In a nutshell, Challenge Vault challenges are listed in such a way that more challenges can be added later.


This article is written for you so that you will know what superstar mode is in bitlife. We hope you’re now aware of superstar mode in bitlife.

If you are still confused, then I suggest you read this article again and understand the steps of getting superstar mode.

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