How to Be Born in Florida in BitLife: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you new to Bitlife or an advanced player? If you don’t know how to be born in Florida, then you are in the right place. We have written a detailed guide for you that will smooth your journey.

BitLife, the popular life-simulating game, encourages players to take on a whirlwind trip from birth to death. Among its various obstacles there exists the exciting job of planning your entry into the world in a certain area, such as the sunny expanse of Florida. While the first attraction of birthplace in BitLife may seem beyond control, mindful methods may turn the tide in your favor. This guide will be helpful for you to increase the chances to land down on the coast of the Florida State.

Start a New Life

To start on your search for a Florida initial appearance,Start the BitLife application and create the groundwork for a new existence. This basic stage is realized by clicking the “New Life” option on the main menu. Keep in mind, your birthing place can resist direct control, but intelligent choices and skillful gameplay will be your allies.

Choose a Character

After starting your trip, we are going to asked upon to choose a name and gender on your inceptive character. These tastes have no impact on your birthplace, providing you with the ability to fulfill your desires without limitation.

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Age Up to 18

As you advance, the game can move you through the challenges of the teenage years, involving the ups and downs of education and family relationships. The journey will continue till your character reaches the age of 18, indicating that you’re ready for important decisions that may change your birthplace destiny.

Education and University

After reaching the age of 18, you will come across the important crossroads of higher goals. To further your attempt to begin in Florida, attempt to find educational achievements within the boundaries of Florida. Therefore, you must carefully select a university or college situated within the famous state of Florida when the appropriate opportunity occurs.

Selecting the Right Major

While your selection of academic self-control has control over your birthplace, it remains an area where your preferences may freely influence. Thus, feel free to select a major that is associated with your personality , as it will not block your search for a Floridian origin.

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Continue Your Life

Following these essential choices, you will travel the time progression, facing a variety of life’s unpredictable situations, covering relationships, careers, and personal choices. Remember, the initial education option is simply a single component in the vast variety of your BitLife story, and chance may yet apply its unpredictable effect.

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Restart if Necessary

BitLife’s going path may, at times, confuse even the most experienced players. If your first journey fails to show Florida as your origin, do not worry. You maintain the capacity to take on new beginnings and repeat the specified processes. Patience often appears as the key to achieving your goals.


Within the mysterious puzzle of BitLife, building a Florida birthplace might not yield direct manipulation, but through intelligent decisions and smart choices, you may increase your chances of launching your virtual existence in the state of Florida. With the age of 18, opting for Florida’s educational institutions becomes essential. Enjoy the journey with free interest and delight in your BitLife Florida journey!

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