BitLife: How to Complete the Snowbird Challenge

Snowbird challenge bitlife: If you are looking for a way to know how to complete the snowbird challenge, then you are in the right place. While the initial steps may seem easy, there are some hurdles to be aware of. To start, you’ll need to have the Landlord Expansion Pack (priced at $4.99) to fully dive into this task. Even with the expansion pack, be ready for some surprising turns.

BitLife: How to Complete the Snowbird Challenge

Here’s a quick guide to completing the bitlife snowbird challenge:

  • Be born in Canada.
  • Head to Aruba.
  • Get yourself a nice cabin.
  • Invest in and fully improve a fabulous house in Aruba.
  • Lease out at least 5 fully spruced-up homes in Aruba.
  • How to Begin Life in Canada in BitLife

The first step in your Snowbird Challenge journey is pretty simple. Start a fresh custom life and pick Canada as your place of birth. Feel free to pick any place within Canada; the exact location doesn’t matter.

How to Emigrate to Aruba

Once you’re all grown up, you’ll have the chance to move to Aruba. It’s a good idea to earn some money through part-time gigs or side hustles while you’re in school, or maybe grab a full-time job for a year or two after ending school to cover the moving costs. To make the big move, go to Activities > Emigrate and check if Aruba is on the list. If it’s not there, just close the window and give it another shot, or wait until the next year to try again. Sometimes, it might take about a decade for Aruba to become a choice.

How to Purchase a Houseboat

Finding a houseboat in Aruba, much like moving, is a matter of chance. Explore Assets or Activities, click on “Shopping Spree,” and take a look at what different Real Estate Dealers have to offer. Some folks might come upon a raft in their first year, but it could take a bit longer for others. If you can’t spot one right away, try waiting a bit and looking again next year.

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How to Purchase and Fully Upgrade a Villa

Acquiring a home follows the same road as finding a houseboat but at a higher cost. Villas can run from at least $8 million to a huge $20 million. It’s smart to save this job for later in the challenge and focus on building up your finances. Once you’ve got the house, give it an update by going to Assets > Properties > Villa > Upgrade. You’ll get the choice to add something extra, and your property will be fully improved when there’s no more room for additional improvements.

How to Rent Out 5+ Fully Upgraded Properties

Renting out homes could become your main income source in Aruba. You’ll be visiting Real Estate Dealers in Assets or Activities > Shopping Spree quite often. Start with the more affordable properties since they typically have fewer places for extras, making them budget-friendly to fully update. You only need to fully upgrade and lease out five homes, but if you want more cash, keep leasing out as many as you’d like.


Hope this article will be helpful in knowing how to complete the bitlife snowbird challenge. If you you follow all these steps that are mentioned in the article, you will easily complete the task.

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