How to Become an Astronaut in BitLife: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Become an Astronaut in BitLife: BitLife, the fascinating world of life simulation, attracts players into an intricate web of existence. Despite its many choices and vicissitudes, the search for an astronaut’s job stands out as a  cosmic journey. If you desire to travel the cosmos within the boundaries of this mobile world, you’ve reached your astral portal. In this comprehensive guide, we start on a secretive trip, explaining the hidden steps to rise as a BitLife astronaut. Whether you are a seasoned player or a starting out, feel comfortable as we open the hidden strategies for this spectacular achievement.

What is BitLife?

Let’s reveal the mysterious challenge of BitLife for the ignorant. BitLife, a creation of Candywriter, LLC, transforms your digital alter ego’s lifeline, from life to death, capturing the consequences of choices made. Within its complex paths, numerous jobs, connections, and life events unfold, crafting your distinct story.

How to Become an Astronaut in BitLife

These steps will be helpful to you to know how to become an astronaut in bitlife and will make your bitlife journey easy and smooth:

Start a New Life:

  • Launch BitLife and create a new character.
  • You can choose any gender or country; it doesn’t affect your ability to become an astronaut.

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Focus on Your Education:

  • Education plays an important role in your bitlife journey, so if you want to become an astronaut give priority to your education from the beginning.

Pursue a Relevant Degree:

  • Once you reach the college, then apply for the field related to science and space field.
  • Ensure that you keep high grades during your college years, as this will greatly impact your chances of becoming an astronaut.

Stay Healthy:

Astronauts need to be in peak physical shape. Regularly visit the doctor, maintain a healthy diet, and exercise to keep your character’s health stats high.

Join the Military:

  • BitLife’s cosmic adventurers walk through the hidden pathways of the military, in which lies the crucible for crafting skills and experiences.
  • Apply for the military as soon as you finish your schooling. Aim to become an officer to improve your chances of being chosen for astronaut training.

Excel in the Military:

  • Focus on doing your job well throughout your military career. This involves advancing in your career and finishing any necessary training courses.
  • You will be an excellent candidate for astronaut training if you develop a successful military career.

Apply for Astronaut Training:

  • You will have the chance to apply for astronaut training in BitLife after serving for a number of years.
  • When the chance presents itself, keep an eye out for it and be sure to apply right away.

Succeed in Astronaut Training:

  • It’s difficult to train as an astronaut in BitLife. Make the appropriate decisions during training to improve your chances of finishing it successfully.
  • Be ready for demanding mental and physical testing. To succeed in the training program, keep up your health and study hard.

Get Selected as an Astronaut:

  • You will get a coded message announcing your selection as an astronaut candidate if the stars are in your favor.
  • Keep going, take care of your path, and wait patiently for the glorious transformation.

Become an Astronaut:

  • Your cosmic journey within BitLife achieves its highest point when you become an astronaut.
  • Once you become an astronaut, you can start on space adventures, experience spacewalks, and explore the cosmos!

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Tips for Success

Patience is Key:

In BitLife, being an astronaut takes time to attain. It calls for perseverance, commitment, and meticulous planning.


If you follow all the above steps in BitLife, then your journey to becoming an astronaut will be quite easy and smooth. I hope you now understand everything regarding the astronaut’s journey in Bitlife.

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