How to complete Euphoria challenge in Bitlife

Are you struggling to complete the euphoria challenge in Bitlife and searched on the internet and got nothing, then now you are in the right place, as we have written well well-researched article on this.

Bitlife is one of the most popular simulation games on the internet that has attracted so many players across the world. Bitlife is one of the few games that give you real-life experience.

One exciting task, in bitlife is known as the euphoria challenge. This challenge puts your thinking, decision-making skills, and ability to maneuver through life’s ups and downs to the test. In this article, we will guide you on how to complete the euphoria challenge.

How to complete the Euphoria challenge in Bitlife

The euphoria challenge in bitlife is around achieving a feeling of happiness throughout your virtual life. Sounds straightforward enough right? Well not quite.

 In bitlife maintaining a level of happiness can be quite a challenging task because of the reasons like relationships, health problems, and random events.

Here are steps that will you to complete euphoria challenge in bitlife:

Start with a joyful character:

Begin your journey by selecting a character who already have a level of happiness. This will give you an advantageous head start in completing this task.

If your initial character doesn’t have a happiness level, then you can decide not to start until you find one that does.

Maintain good relationships:

Focus on building your relationship with your loved one, friends, and family. It will help you in completing euphoria task in bitlife

Always try to overcome obstacles, and focus on spending time with the people that make you happy.

Maintain these connections by talking to them, showing them kindness, and asking them for your help.

Focus on mental and physical health:

Maintaining your character’s physical health is important. It’s always important to go to the doctor, meditate, and exercise regularly at the gym. These small steps help you to make your character’s life happy

So this virtual game teaches us the importance of health in our lives, so we need to take care of our health in real life.

These all things are also applicable in real life. So try to be fit in your real life and try to learn all the things from the game.

Choose a low-stress career:

Try to find a career that relates to the interests of your character and doesn’t require a lot of overtime or stress. Your character’s sense of delight can be greatly increased by a fulfilling work life.

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Invest wisely:

By investing in safe options and avoiding dangerous activities, you can wisely manage your money. Having stability can reduce stress and increase your sense of fulfillment as a character.

Handle unpleasant situations calmly:

Life in bitlife is unpredictable loaded with occurrences. When faced with a situation try your best to remain cool. Make actions that minimize consequences while keeping your characters happy.

Take care of yourself:

Engage, in things that provide joy and fulfillment to your character.

Taking the time to engage in things that offer you joy touring locations or simply enjoying the company of your companions are all vital, for preserving long-term happiness.

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Retirement planning;

Ensure a future for your character by planning for retirement of time. It’s crucial to save money create investments and ensure that your character may have a life in their senior years. Having financial security substantially helps to happiness.

Maintain positivism and resilience;

You can’t be surety in bitlife as you have to face ups and downs. However, it’s so important to keep cheerful and resilient along your bitlife journey. 

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Just accept and embrace failures as lessons treasure wins. Always keep playing with a positive mindset.


As you know keeping your character happy is quite a challenging task, but you need to make intelligent decisions to complete this challenge.

Focus on your character’s physical well-being, encouraging relationships, and making good choices along the way you can guide your character toward a life filled with permanent happiness. 

So apply all these above tips that are discussed in this article, and try to complete the euphoria change in bitlife.

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