How To Become a Painter in Bitlife

Are you looking for a way to become a painter in bitlife, then this could be the right article for you, as we have discussed this article on how to become a painter in bitlife. So just follow this guide and achieve your goal of becoming a painter in bitlife.

How To Become a Painter in Bitlife

If you want to be a painter in Bitlife. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a painter in the game:

Begin your journey

BitLife. Start a new life by creating your character. It is totally up to you what option you choose like country, gender and name for your character.

Grow up

You need to tap on the Age button to age up. Your character will progress from being a child to a teenager and eventually an adult.

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Nurture creativity

While growing up, focus on developing your character skills and creativity.

You should try to  engage in activities that promote creativity, such as joining the school art club practicing art regularly or even attending art classes if available.

Higher education (optional)

After completing school you have the choice to pursue education by attending college or university.

If you choose this road consider majoring in an art-related field like Fine Arts or Art History. However, know that obtaining a degree is not mandatory to become a painter in BitLife.

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Seek art-related job opportunities

Once your character becomes an adult, start exploring job possibilities related to the field of art.

Look for jobs under the “Occupation” tab within BitLife.

Remember that becoming a painter takes dedication and practice. So keep honing your skills and following endeavors throughout your life, in BitLife!You can look for job openings such, as “Illustrator,” “Graphic Designer,” or other positions related to art. It’s important to work in your chosen art related job to gain experience. Additionally, you can save money over time in order to invest in art materials and eventually establish your art studio.

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Becoming a Freelance Painter

Once you have enough experience and saved some money you can think of becoming a painter. Simply navigate to the Jobs tab. Select the Freelance gig option. Look for painting opportunities that align with your skills and start working as a painter. This can be a way to gain recognition, for your abilities while also earning income.

Practice and Enhance Your Skills

Keep improving your painting skills through practice. The more you dedicate yourself to improving, the more refined and impressive your art will become. This continuous effort will also increase your chances of securing paying freelance painting projects.

Continue Painting and Establishing Your Reputation;

Always try to take on painting gigs building upon your reputation as a painter. With each completed project your reputation in the industry will grow stronger opening up opportunities for future assignments.

Optional; Aspire for Fame;

If you want to take your painting career to heights, and try to achieve fame, it should be your goal. To go in this path focus on securing painting assignments that grab the attention of art enthusiasts. Additionally, actively work on growing your following and expanding your influence within the community over time. Who knows? You may eventually become recognized as one of the painters in the field.


Becoming a painter in bitlife is a kind of creative work, so focus on improving your creativity as much as possible, just follow all above steps and achieve your goal of becoming a painter in bitlife.

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