How To Become Royalty In Bitlife

Becoming royalty in BitLife could be challenging, but if you follow these steps that we have discussed in this article, you can easily know how to become royalty in BitLife.

How to Become Royalty in BitLife

There are numerous approaches we can use. You have the option of being born into a royal family or joining one later on in the game. It actually depends on your luck, willpower, and financial capacity, as well as the precise rank you’re aiming for.

Following are some ways to achieve royalty in the BitLife:

Start with a Strong Foundation

Before considering achieving the status of royal status, it is important to start with a character having a solid foundation. Initiate this journey by building their own identity or utilizing an existing one, making sure their characteristics, especially in the areas of intellect and attraction, are commendable. Improving these characteristics will significantly ease the achievement of your royal desire.

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Focus on Education and Career

Academic activities assume an essential role in your pursuit of royalty. Make sure that your character sticks completely to their educational journey, exploring avenues such as university or higher education. Accumulating information and skills will increase the number of opportunities awaiting you.

When it comes to job choices, picking a career that’s helpful to getting fame and wealth is important. Positions such as a famous actress, singer, or successful writer may boost your exposure, thereby enhancing your chances of drawing the attention of the royal levels.

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Maintain a Good Reputation

The royal world usually requires a heightened amount of honor and status. Eliminate any role in misconduct, including being in charge of violations or participating in harmful acts. Instead, channel your focus towards building a good impression through acts of kindness, charity, and building positive relationships with friends and family.

Pursue a Royal Romance

A romantic relationship within the royal family may work as a connection to the kingdom. Try to identify possible partners with connections to royal family history, such as princes or princesses. Build these relationships through a number of dates, shared adventures, and expressions of kindness. Subsequently, give a marriage proposal and stay hopeful for its acceptance.

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Play the Long Game

The chase of royalty can happen throughout an extended period of time and demands an amount of patience and intelligence. Even in the event of marriage into a royal line, instant claim to the throne is not guaranteed. Be prepared for a break and continue increasing your character’s skills, image, and wealth, all the while strengthening your partner’s power within the royal family.

Be Mindful of Random Events

BitLife frequently adds odd events to your story. Practice vigilance regarding these unexpected changes, for certain events may prove helpful or hazardous to your goals. Show intelligence when reacting to these events to maximize your chances of success.

Secure the Throne

After attending a royal marriage, more steps are sometimes necessary for establishing your claim to the crown. This could involve taking part in elegant functions, fulfilling royal tasks, or even arranging carefully planned actions to secure your power if events so demand. Apply smart decision-making and make strategic partnerships to ensure an effortless succession to the throne.


Bitlife is quite an amazing game, and getting royalty is one of the most fascinating tasks in Bitlife. As you know, it’s a bit of a complicated task to achieve this. But following all the above steps could be helpful for you. So play fearlessly and complete each task step by step.

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