BitLife: How to Marry Into Royalty

If you want to know how to marry into a royal family in Bitlife, then this article will be helpful for you to achieve this.

While it is possible to be born into royalty in BitLife, not everyone will be that fortunate. Fortunately, there is another option for fans of this famous life sim to join a royal family: marry into one. But it’s not as straightforward as proposing to a member of the royal family and receiving a quick “Yes.”
Because BitLife resembles the real-world experience, this is an option that is guaranteed to pique the curiosity of many users. There are few greater political goals than being a member of the royal family. Gamers who want to take on this position of power and status can accomplish it by following a few simple steps.

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The pursuit of the royal dream remains one of BitLife’s greatest awards. While there are several methods to follow and no set criteria for “winning,” becoming king is as near to “victory” as it gets. Because of this self-imposed standard, it’s natural to wish to marry into royalty at least once. Originally, this guide was made up of broad ideas. While those suggestions are helpful, a step-by-step guide has been provided for players who want to know exactly what they need to do and the general sequence in which they should strive to achieve these goals. Marrying into royalty is an enjoyable task, and this guide should hopefully make the route as straightforward as possible.

How To Marry Into Royalty

  1. Choose a nation with a royal family.
  • Japan
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom

2. First, improve your looks and fame.
3. After that, increase your health stats.
4. Make money.
5. Build your renown until you are contacted by a member of the royal family.
6. Date and marry the contact.

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BitLife users who want to marry into a royal family should work on getting renowned first. This may be accomplished by pursuing a range of various careers, and fans could search for positions such as Puppeteer, Singer, and Voiceover Actor. Becoming a star is a complete handbook in and of itself, and it’s worth putting this strategy into action right immediately.


We hope now you know how to marry into a royal family in Bitlife and understand all the steps that need to be taken if you want to marry into a royal family.

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