What Does Elope Mean in Bitlife

If you have been playing Bitlife for a while, then you might have seen a new option under the relationship menu. The option is called Elope, So in this article, we’re gonna tell you what does elope in Bitlife. So keep reading the article and know more about Elope.

What Does Elope Mean in Bitlife

When you marry someone in BitLife, you are free to spend as much time as you like with them, starting a family, helping one another out, and engaging in other activities you might anticipate from a contented marriage. You can decide to elope with each other if you’re still a little bit young and unmarried. In BitLife, you can also decide to do this. However, doing this with a younger character who is dating someone makes more sense in that situation.

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When you click on a character you’re seeing in the menu, you can always choose to elope with them. Only if you haven’t married them will it be visible. The choice vanishes when you get married. You won’t be able to elope, even if you’re under 18.

Only if you are older than 18 and have made a commitment to get married to the person you are dating may you elope. Elopement results in immediate marriage for the two of you, saving you the time and expense of organizing a ceremony, inviting several guests, and spending money on all of its associated expenses. You can find yourself with a partner who prefers to get married and do things the traditional way.

In essence, choosing the “elope” option with a partner signifies that you both want to get married but would want to forego the elaborate ceremony that would accompany the event. This is an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on their wedding, and you can use it whenever you and your spouse are beyond the age of 18.


We think now you know, what does Elope mean in Bitlife and how it affects your Bitlife journey. So play Bitlife and consider all the points, so that your journey will be more smoother and better.

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