How to Become a Judge in BitLife: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Become a Judge in BitLife: One of the most significant roles you can choose to play in BitLife, a fantastic life simulation game, is becoming a judge. But attaining this position is a piece of cake; it needs patience, dedication, and a deep knowledge of the law.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process to help you realize your goal of becoming a judge in BitLife.

But keep in mind that, just like in real life, becoming a judge is a difficult path. Before you can put on those desired judge’s clothes, you must train, gain experience as a lawyer, and build up impressive stats.

How to Become a Judge in BitLife

 Education and Law School

Your character’s journey to becoming a judge starts with finishing high school – the first step in your law career. After high school, it’s apart to University to study law, which takes roughly four within the game years.

During these years, you will have to make important decisions such as selecting courses, participating in extracurricular activities, and maintaining your grades. These decisions will have an impact on your character’s future as a lawyer and, eventually, a judge.

Working as a Lawyer

Joining a Law Firm

After finishing your education, it’s time to enter the legal field. You begin by applying to law firms as a junior partner, which is where the real work begins. Success needs dedication, hard work, and a positive image. Working long hours, taking on cases, and winning trials will get you to the top.

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 Becoming a Partner

The primary goal of a lawyer is to become a partner in a law firm. For you to achieve this, you have to dedicate 30 in-game years to your legal job. This long-term commitment shows your character’s deep commitment to the field of law. Keep an eye on your character’s health and happiness because they have a big impact on your journey.

Transitioning to the Magistrate Position

After three decades of dedicated legal work, your character is eligible to apply for the Magistrate position, the first step toward becoming a judge. Maintaining your character’s health is essential because it significantly impacts your chances of success.

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Responsibilities as a Magistrate

Your character will have important responsibilities as a Magistrate, including hearing cases, making judgments, and upholding a reputation for fairness. During this phase of your legal career, consistency, moral integrity, and physical health are paramount.

 Building Relationships

Building solid ties with coworkers is essential. Collaborate with other legal pros and make friends in the legal world. These ties can open doors and help you win promotions to become a judge.

Achieving the Judge Position

 Earning the Promotion

Finally, the moment you’ve been working toward arrives: becoming a judge. The process of promotion to judge closely mimics your previous job steps. Maintain your commitment, work attitude, and character’s health. Continue to hear cases fairly and quickly.

Final Steps

As you near the height of your BitLife law career, focus on keeping your character’s health and image. Handle your cases carefully and regularly; the win will soon be yours.


Becoming a judge in BitLife is a challenging yet rewarding journey. It requires dedication, schooling, and years of hard work. It would help if you made the right choices throughout your character’s life to pave the way to the legal bench. But by following all these steps that are discussed in this article, your journey will become quite easy.

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