How To Be A water Slide Tester Bitlife

Do you often play bitlife game and tried different job option in bitlife and heard of water slide tester, then you must be curious to know how to be a water slide tester.

Don’t worry this article is totally dedicated on how to become a water slide tester in bitlife, just follow the below steps to know more about this.

What is Water Slide Tester in BitLife?

Water Slide Testers are in responsible for testing and inspecting water slides to ensure their safety. Knowledge of the water slide structure and other technical features, as well as courage and physical fitness, are required for this position. It’s an interesting work with its own set of risks, but it’s also profitable and may be a fantastic career choice if you’re willing to take on the challenge.

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How to Become a Water Slide Tester in BitLife?

Follow these easy steps to become a water slide tester in BitLife.

Age up your character until it is 18 years old. Water Slide Tester in BitLife is a full-time job requiring you to be 18 years old. Unlike part-time jobs, which you can apply for before you turn 18 years old in the game.

Head over to the Occupation tab and pick the full-time job list.

Scroll the list until you find the Water Slide Tester Job. This should be all the way down at the bottom since it is a low-paying job. To find it easier, look for a bikini emoji and the ‘Small Business’ tag.

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If it doesn’t show on your first try, close and reopen the BitLife app. You can also age up your character further and then return to the job list.

Once you apply, you will need to pass the interview to get the job. Make sure you get all the answers right to become the water slide tester in BitLife.

If you fail the interview, you won’t be able to find the job on the list for another five to ten years, hindering your overall process if you are trying to finish this week’s challenge.

The benefit of this particular career in BitLife is that a college degree is not necessary. 

Since that is the criterion for the most recent BitLife challenge, you will have plenty of time to secure the job and hold it for at least 20 years before moving on.

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Where to get the Water Slide Tester profession in BitLife

Like many of the jobs in BitLife, the Water Slide Tester job is not always open. You can only find it after your character reaches 18 years old and they can obtain a full-time jobs. This career does not demand extensive knowledge, thus you do not need to attend college or community college to unlock it.


This article is written for you to understand how to become a water slide tester in BitLife. We tried to cover all points in this article related to the water slide tester in BitLife. Don’ worry too much; just follow all the steps discussed in this article to become a water slide tester. Happy Bitlife Journey!

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