How to Be Born in California in Bitlife [Latest] Trick

If you have been looking for a way on how to be born in California, then this article will be helpful for you as we as Bitlife fans have completed this challenge, so we will give you the most practical approach towards the game.

So keep reading this article for full details in depth.

How to Be Born in California in Bitlife?

Want to be born in California in Bitlife, choosing your birthplace is the first and most important decision you make, then simply follow these steps:

Start a New Life

Launch the Bitlife app, and create a new life as a character.

Randomize Your Character

Just randomize your character till you are born in a city in California.

Customize Your Character

Now it’s time to customize your character, name your character, choose your character’s appearance, and do other things so that your character looks unique.

As you know, being born in California gives you the stage for the various opportunities that will give you a more interesting journey in Bitlife.

Benefits of being born in California in BitLife

Now let’s look at some of the benefits of being born in California in Bitlife, here are some benefits:

Education Opportunities

Being born in California will give you more education opportunities, as California offers you outstanding educational institutions within Bitlife. Your character can access to quality schools and universities, which will give you more plus points in your Bitlife journey.

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Career Choices

Your character will have more career choices in California. From tech industries in Silicon Valley to the entertainment path in Los Angeles, as per your choice what you want your character to be. You can move on your journey. 

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Healthcare Access

California has one of the best healthcare facilities, so it will be quite good for your character, as health is so important in your Bitlife journey. As it will make your Bitlife journey more smoother.

How to Be Born in Los Angeles in Bitlife

If you want to be born in Los Angeles in Bitlife, then you need to do all the steps the same, and especially when you begin a new life in Bitlife, You keep randomizing until your character is born in Los Angeles, California 

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At last, we want to say that if you just focus on your game, and follow all the tips shared in this article, you will easily be able to achieve your dream of being born in California in Bitlife.

Our suggestion will be, that you improve your character stats, as it will give you more points in your Bitlife journey.

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