Can You Rent Out Houses in Bitlife

In bitlife, whatever decision you make affects your character’s stats. Many of might have questions can you rent out a house in Bitlife? In this article, we will tell how you can rent out a house in Bitlife, and before renting out a house you should know how to purchase any house in Bitlife. Let’s dive into this.

How to purchase any house in BitLife

You need a place to rent before you can enjoy the benefits of being a landlord. Just follow the below steps to purchase a house in Bitlife:

How to purchase any house in BitLife
How to purchase any house in BitLife

Navigate to Activities Tab: From the main menu, click on the Activities tab to begin your real estate journey.

 Explore Shopping Options: Inside the Activities section, look for the Shopping option and click on it. Here, you can connect with a Real Estate Broker.

Choose a Real Estate Broker: Pick a Real Estate Broker from the available options. Each broker offers a variety of properties.

Select Your Property: Browse the listings and choose a house, flat, or mansion that suits you

Complete the Purchase: After selecting your dream property, make the payment or take a mortgage with interest to officially own the property. Congratulations, you are now a property owner in BitLife!

Make sure you have enough funds in your account for the approval of the mortgage application. If you don’t have enough funds, consider following promising jobs such as a Doctor or lawyer to build your finances before buying a house for you.

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Can You Rent Out Houses in Bitlife

Yes you can rent out houses in Bitlife, So for this just follow the below steps: 

can you rent out houses in bitlife

Once you have a property, the next step Is to rent it out, and it will generate passive income for you. Here are some steps on how you can rent out a house in Bitlife:

can you rent out houses in bitlife

Select the Assets Menu: From the main menu, open the Assets menu and navigate to the Real Estate tab.

Select the Property: Click on the Properties option and choose the house you wish to rent, especially if you own multiple properties.

Customize Your Property Listing: Click on the Rent option and customize your property listing ad. Make it attractive to potential tenants by describing the features and benefits of the property.

Post Your Listing: After customizing your ad, hit the Post button. Your property is now officially on the market!

Once you have posted your listing, you will start receiving offers from interested tenants. Go through their applications and make sure to check their background, if they are reliable or not. Once you find the perfect one, just approve their application. Once everything is done, you’ll see rent automatically in your account after each aging up. 

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In BitLife, becoming a landlord is not simply a status symbol; it’s also a calculated financial move that can greatly increase your income. These methods allow you to access BitLife’s real estate market and benefit from becoming a successful landlord. Therefore, go ahead and make your purchase, personalize your property, and begin generating passive money in the BitLife digital world!


Bitlife is an amazing game that allows you to become whatever you want to do. If you want to rent a house in Bitlife, then you need to have a property. To buy a property you should have enough funds in your account. So pro tip for you is to get into jobs that have more potential for earning money.

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