Can You Get Adopted in Bitlife

If you have been playing Bitife, then you might have a question on your mind, if can you get adopted in  BitLife? the answer to this question is yes, there could be several reasons behind adoption in Bitlife.

There is also a possibility of your adoption, if your parents are poor or you are sent to an orphanage, then you become homeless.

If your parents have passed away when you are between the ages of 1 and 17, BitLife will send your character to an orphanage. You and your siblings (if any) will spend the entirety of your childhood in the orphanage. Animal control will take any pets you have away, and you won’t be able to get them back.

Along with you, there are some other kids too, but you won’t have any chance to interact with them. When you turn 18 years old or if someone adopts you, you can leave the orphanage.

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Reasons That Make Adoption Possible in Bitlife

So here are some reasons that make adoption possible in Bitlife:

  • Your birth parent(s) suffer from serious health problems.
  • Your birth parent(s) are imprisoned.
  • Your birth parent(s) are deemed unfit parents or unfit teens.
  • Your birth parent(s) face serious financial problems.
  • Your birth parent(s) die in a natural disaster.
  • Your birth parent(s) cannot have a baby for religious reasons.
  • Your birth parent(s) die in a rare infectious disease outbreak.
  • Your birth parent(s) are involved in a car crash.
  • You are abandoned by your parents due to bad behavior or unpleasant physical looks.
  • Your birth parent(s) die in a plane crash.
  • Your birth parent(s) are involved in a motorbike accident.
  • Your birth parent(s) die in a bar fight.
  • Your birth parent(s) die in combat.
  • Your birth parent(s) die in a fire.
  • Your birth parent(s) are in rehab.

It’s important to note that these reasons have nothing to do with your gameplay, although children of parents with issues like being unfit teens often have lower stats.

Some other reasons are, that there could be different circumstances leading to adoption, such as a birth parent(s) not wanting a girl (common in countries like China) or the birth parent(s) willingly handing their children over to the player.

Some people claim in their journals that their biological parents abandoned them for adoption and that they were adopted for peculiar reasons, such as when their parents disliked their child’s interest in a famous person.

Once you are adopted, You will be referred to as an “Adopted Son” or “Adopted Daughter.” If your adoptive parents have biological children, they can refer to you as an “Adopted Brother” or “Adopted Sister.”

In BitLife, adoption offers a different way to have kids without getting pregnant. You can pick a character from the age of 1 to 17. When adoptive parents adopt you, they are free to give you whatever name they want, keep your last name, or give you their own.

 Female parents can also make their adopted children use their surname if they decide to change their surname. If you are adopted after their biological children, you will still show under the biological children in the family tree, even if you are older. However, being adopted by royal parents does not give you a royal title, as you are not born into royalty.

The adoption process may not always proceed smoothly; it can be rejected if the potential adopter is too young or too old, lacks housing, faces financial troubles, is unemployed, has convictions, or already has too many children. However, if you have fewer than five children living or some of them were adopted out, having four children with one being pregnant will not result in an adoption request rejection.

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Interestingly, adopting a child is possible if the player’s partner becomes pregnant with another person because of cheating.

BitLife’s adoption feature has undergone changes, with random adoption scenarios appearing after a November 2019 update. Additionally, the age limit for adoption was increased to 17 from the previous limit of 7.

 In March of the following year, an iOS update expanded the adoption feature, allowing for the adoption of foreign children with various stats, costs, appearances, countries of origin, and reasons why their birth parents couldn’t raise them. These adopted children also have a “behavior” stat, and those with lower behavior stats are more likely to trigger events where they misbehave.


So these are some reasons that make adoption in Bitlife, and now you have your answer that adoption is possible in Bitlife. Now you continue to ride your journey in bitlife and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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