Can You Be a Child Actor in Bitlife

Bitlife is an amazing life simulation game and what I like about this game is that it allows you to choose any career opportunity whether you want to be a doctor or a corporate job. And if there is a question on your mind can you become a child actor in bitlife, then the answer is yes! you can become a child actor in Bitlife

How to Become a Child Actor in Bitlife

Now let’s know how can you become a child actor in Bitlife.

You need to start at a very young age, even you can start at eight. Take acting lessons, you will get this under the Mind and Body Tab. But before taking acting lessons, make sure your character has high looks by re-rolling.

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Once you have made sure that your character has high looks, you can take acting lessons. Your goal must be to improve your acting skill and take it to the highest possible level. As your parents will not be paying for acting lessons once you complete high school.

After high school, you can go for a career as a movie star or actor by hiring Talent Agents and applying for auditions. You will find this option under the Actor tab in Special Careers.  


Becoming a child actor in Bitlife is quite easy, but the thing you need to make sure of is you need to start it early. If you focus on an acting career at a young age, then it will be easy for you to improve your acting skills, once you have good acting skills you can easily get roles in movies.

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